How to Talk About Pressure in German

by Expath Language School

One word for a variety of expressions!


This German word means “pressure” and can be used in a variety of different expressions.

This word, of course, is related to drücken (“to press”/”to push”), which you’ve seen on doors and computer applications (e.g. ESC drücken), which is not to be confused with drucken (“to print”).


Druck ausüben. To exert pressure (also in cases of peer pressure)
Druck machen. To put under pressure (especially people, so they work harder/faster)
Unter Druck stehen. To be under pressure
Sozialer Druck. Social pressure

Common sentences with Druck include:

Ich stehe total unter Druck! I am totally under pressure!
Der Chef macht echt Druck! The boss is totally pressuring [us/me].

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