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Take your business German up a notch and sign up for a B2/C1 level course.

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Improve Your Business German

Take the next step in your journey to fluency with our Upper-Intermediate Course and we‘ll have you working confidently and communicating succinctly in German.

This course focuses on work-related topics and introduces practical language in an employment context. You‘ll learn real, relevant communication skills that can immediately be applied in the workplace.

Don‘t Tell

Our teachers actively engage students in every class. Finding out about a grammar rule yourself, will help you to retain it much better than if somebody just gave you a lecture about it.

Practice Makes Perfect

In our classes, you will often team up with a partner or do role-play to practice specific real-life situations such as making small talk, presenting your ideas, or attending a job interview.

Beyond the Textbook

Nobody wants to sit in a dull class, bent over yet another chapter, discussing the life of fictional characters. Our teachers use interactive real-life materials to match your needs and interests.

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