Hygiene Policy

Expath's Hygiene Policy (updated January 3, 2023)

Expath is committed to keeping both our students, visitors, and staff safe and healthy. To this end, we require all people who enter our center to please follow these important guidelines (in effect until otherwise indicated):

  1. Hygiene
  • It is mandatory for all visitors and staff to disinfect or wash their hands when entering our premises (disinfectant is provided at the door).
  • We ask all visitors and staff to rinse their cups/glasses/cutlery before use and to deposit used cups/glasses/cutlery in the dishwasher after use.
  • We recommend all students to disinfect their table surface before sitting down
  • We kindly ask students, visitors and staff not to borrow or lend pens, books, or other items. Sitting at the same table or sharing of books is also discouraged unless you are part of the same household.
  1. Ventilation of rooms
  • Rooms should be ventilated on a regular basis, for example by opening the windows during class breaks and before/between classes. In addition, all rooms are equipped with air filters, which will be turned on at all times.
  1. Sickness and quarantine policy
  • Students, visitors or staff showing symptoms of sickness (especially symptoms associated with transmittable diseases such as Covid-19) may NOT attend class or enter our center. Expath reserves the right to kindly ask students, visitors or staff to leave if they are exhibiting symptoms of cold/flu.
  • Those who have been in a risk area outside or inside of Germany are required to follow the current rules by the City of Berlin to self-quarantine and to get a COVID-19 test with a negative result, before resuming contact with others.
  1. Additional information regarding language courses
  • Cancelling courses for safety and health reasons is entirely at the discretion of Expath's staff, and eviction of students for safety and health reasons is at the discretion of our staff and teachers. Refunds will not be given in such a case, but students will be offered to finish the remaining units of their course in an equivalent online class at no extra cost.
  • We recommend that Expath teachers wear masks at all times when in an external company or student's house, except when at their desk/at the whiteboard.
  • Expath teachers are required to follow the guidelines of the client company when on their premises.