How to Say Jealous in German

by Expath Language School

Are you envying someone for their luck? Find out how to say it in German.


In English, one difference between the words “jealousy” and “envy” is that the latter simply denotes wanting what someone else has, whereas the former is used to describe the negative emotion felt towards someone having something that the jealous person does not. In other words, “envy” may be focused more on the object of desire, whereas “jealousy” concerns itself more with the resentment felt towards the rival.

In German, these words are Eifersucht for jealousy (eifersüchtig – jealous) and Neid for envy (neidisch – envious).

Eifersucht describes an exaggerated fear of having to share one’s love or advantage with another, or losing it to another altogether.

Neid, on the other hand, describes feeling that another does not deserve what they have and wanting it for oneself.


Er versucht, dich eifersüchtig zu machen indem er sie küsst. He’s trying to make you jealous by kissing her.

Ich bin neidisch auf seine Kreativität. I am envious of his creativity.

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