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Berlin, September 26, 2022

Work Smarter: How Expath Is Reshaping the German Economy With the 4-Day Week

  • 100% pay, 80% working hours, 100% productivity — the work model at a glance

  • Pilot project to introduce the 4-day week starts in January 2023

  • Online round table and info session with Expath, 4 Day Week Global and Lasse Rheingans on Sept. 28 at 3 p.m.

When the alarm clock rings on Monday morning, many employees lack the motivation to start the day. The prospect of a 40-hour week with possible overtime is understandably uninviting. The looming pressure of a long week ahead makes the journey to the office or to the desk at home a difficult one. For many, their thoughts are already stuck on work to-dos and important meetings/dates from Sunday evening. So, it's no surprise that employees have their worst sleep from Sunday to Monday. Then, in the first meetings at the beginning of the week, many employees have fatigue written all over their faces and their motivation and energy levels have already hit rock bottom — also known as the Monday Blues. Only in the course of the day and the following week do performance levels rise. Tuesday and Wednesday are therefore the most productive days before the activity level drops again and thoughts drift to the upcoming weekend.

But does work ethic really depend on the days of the week? Or is it due to the overall work schedule and lack of recreational opportunities for employees? We, official partners of the 4 Day Week Global Foundation, know why the 4-day week is necessary for Germany and how companies and employees can benefit from it.

Stronger Together — Expath and 4 Day Week Global Launch Partnership

Tia Robinson, our co-founder and CEO noticed even before the pandemic that many colleagues wished to reduce their working hours to have more time for their families, self-care, or personal projects. In her search for a fair solution for all, Tia came across 4 Day Week Global — a foundation that provides companies with advice and support in introducing the 4-day week. The organization aims to introduce companies to the new working time model through a 6-month pilot project and to increase employee satisfaction. In the long term, this would also serve as a means to attract new talent. The ultimate goal is to create a productive working environment with more efficient structures and the motto is: 100% pay, 80% working time, 100% productivity.

The 4DW Foundation has already been able to test its concept in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Participating companies are prepared for the change to a 4-day week by means of workshops and coaching. The focus here is on training for greater efficiency, personal responsibility, and structure. The pilot will be scientifically monitored in order to evaluate its success. Depending on the results, the model can be firmly established in the company. The success rate recorded so far though speaks for itself: In the countries where the project has already been completed, over 90% of the companies have retained the 4-day week. We will implement the pilot project at our company from January 2023, reducing the weekly working hours of all employees by 20%. In this way, employees gain capacity for personal projects and time for friends and family in addition to their job. The company, in turn, will benefit from a motivated and productive workforce that enjoys coming to work. As an official partner of 4 Day Week Global, we will promote the model in Germany.

Launch Event for Interested Parties

In order to find as many supporters as possible, all interested companies are invited to take part in a free launch event for Germany. In this way, an initiative can be created to reshape the German economy across the board and introduce a new way of working. Our CEO, Tia Robinson and our COO, Alexis Fernandez together with Joe O`Connor, CEO of the 4 Day Week Global Foundation, will host an online round table on September 28th at 3 pm CEST. The event is an online round table that will present the pilot project in detail, answer questions from the public, and address any uncertainties. Special guests include Lasse Rheingans, CEO of Rheingans GmbH and author of the book "The 5 Hour Revolution", who already introduced the 5-hour day in his company a few years ago and thus reports from his own experience on how new working time models can be established. For a lively exchange, everyone can register for the free online event and will receive the dial-in link by email.

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