In-Person Courses

Meet Face to Face (When It's Possible Again)

Already in Germany? We offer German courses at our language schools in Berlin.

Learning in Person

Meet new people while learning German in one of our two language schools in Berlin: Right in the center of the city at Rosenthaler Platz (Mitte) or near Hermannplatz (Neukölln).

Move quickly towards fluency with one of our morning intensive classes (3 hour lessons) or evening classes (2:15 hour lessons). During breaks you can get (free) coffee and mingle at Expath’s kitchen.

Elicit Rather Than Explain

Our teachers reduce their speaking time and actively engage students. Finding out about a grammar rule yourself, will help you to retain it much better than if somebody just gave you a lecture about it.

Practice Makes Perfect

In our classes, you will often team up with a partner or do role-play to practice specific real-life situations such as grocery shopping, going to the doctor or attending a job interview.

Beyond the Textbook

Nobody wants to sit in a dull class, bent over yet another chapter, discussing the life of fictional characters. Our teachers use interactive materials like songs or video clips to match your needs and interests.

Accessibility Notice

Expath’s location in Berlin-Mitte is fully wheelchair accessible, including the bathrooms.

Write Us

Want to know when we can meet in person again? Are you curious about the courses we offer? Want to visit our schools (once it's possible again)?