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Ready to put your vocabulary into action? Join a conversation course for advanced speakers, online or in Berlin.

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Helping students to get speaking is what we do best. Join an interactive course packed with conversation, native speaker insights, and vocabulary finetuning.

The course has a duration of two months and takes place once a week, with a maximum of eight students per group.

Choose between online classes via Zoom or an in-person course in one of our two language schools in Berlin.

Don't Tell

Our teachers actively engage students in every class. Finding out about a grammar rule yourself, will help you to retain it much better than if somebody just gave you a lecture about it.

Practice Makes Perfect

In our classes, you will often team up with a partner or do role-play to practice specific real-life situations such as grocery shopping, going to the doctor or attending a job interview.

Beyond the Textbook

Nobody wants to sit in a dull class, bent over yet another chapter, discussing the life of fictional characters. Our teachers use interactive real-life materials to match your needs and interests.

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